About SSS

The ocean can be unknown in today’s world of videogames, having to be stuck at work and dealing with life’s errands, but the ocean can also be an uncommon opportunity.  We would like to share this great experience with you that comes from learning how to Surf, and it also provides a relaxed and rewarding future for those aspiring to pursue a connection with life & nature. 

With enough lessons you will be able to receive tips on how to read the ocean so you’ll be able to catch the wave of your life.  Our lessons come with certified instructors that are passionate in teaching you the magic of surfing.  

If you need more information give us a call at (646) 856 - 4220 or write us at Sierrasurfschool@gmail.com we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Bring your towel with a smile, and we'll see you at the beach! 

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 During your lesson we'll go over parts of a surfboard, the technique of popping up on a board, stretching with some light yoga, warm up drills, safety protocol, and surfing terminology.  The surfboards that we use for lessons are stable which is ideal for learning, and they’re also soft tops so we can guarantee a fun and safe time.  If you don’t have a wetsuit we can provide you with one.  We encourage all levels & abilities.